“You make this all go away.”
I’m still drowning, it’s getting hard to handle this.
Does it hurt you like it hurts me? I don’t think you want to love me / b.l

It’s been two days since you left. It’s been forty-eight hours since you told me we needed time away. I can’t say that I feel anything, because I’ve been trying so hard not to. Sadness eats away at my heart, and I only have so much left of that.

It’s been two days since you left and I’ve thought about your body pressed against mine almost thirty-four times. In my head, we melted together and my soul got lost in yours but all I needed was to feel your arms close around me and hear you say that I was the most beautiful storm you ever wanted to drown in.

It’s been two days since you’ve left and bottle labels have your name sprawled across them and I see your smile in the bottom but by the time I reached the end, I could hardly see anything. My body was an earthquake for hours. I still hear you calling my name out and in my dreams you’re still holding my hand but I keep waking up to empty bed sheets and tear-stained pillows.

It’s been two days since you left and I’m trying to handle the pain.

(b.l) I’m so sorry I took away the light in your eyes.
I never wanted to let you go
I love you, I always will. I’m trying so fucking hard.

Please, don’t let me kill you too. - (b.l)
I’ve been weaving my pulsing veins and heartstrings together, and I’m trying to find out how to get to you and I’m so sorry for everything I did but holy fuck everything hurts now and I need you so fucking much. Please love me like you used to. text messages I should’ve sent you (b.l)
"My eyes no longer work after looking at you." -b.l