"My eyes no longer work after looking at you." -b.l
I looked at him like he was greatest sunrise I’ve ever witness, and though this was true, his sunset was what destroyed my eyes. lost thoughts about lost boys - (b.l)
I Will Not Submit To Unfairness
"Lessons on surviving the dangers of life itself."

Metaphorically, I am a house.
I am a building,
tall and mighty,
and I was strong and I was beautiful.
I was able to allow people to see the interior of me,
the walls of my insides and the grace it contained.

Metaphorically, you are an architect.
The builder of my framework, and
the one who built me and strengthened my walls.

Again, and again,
and many more times afterward
I have been torn down and then
built up again,
but only with permission from you,
as you had made some changes to my blueprints.

I became a creation of you,
and nothing was allowed to be altered from others,
and nothing was allowed to be tampered with.

I became broken, too.
For you were ever so angry,
and my thin paper walls could only withstand so much.

You finally ruined me at one point,
and no amount of plaster and drywall could
build me up again, and now I lay
in ruins and ashes of utter agony.

I am a building,
and now I am nothing.

"Metaphorically, we were bound to abuse each other" -b.l.y
// I Can Love But Never Again Be In Love //
No Love For A Filthy World